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Ambulance Health Insurance

There are many instances when a health insurance provider won't cover the expenses rendered during a transport to the hospital via an ambulance. The cost for ambulance transports can be pricey, especially if it was done by air. To help ensure that you are covered for ambulances, make sure to look over your policy or ask your insurance agent if ambulance expenses will be paid for.

Insurance Plans with Ambulance Coverage

One health plan in particular that will help to cover ambulance expenses is accidental health insurance. With this policy, you will be covered for injuries caused by accidents, whether it happened on the job, in a car or while on vacation. Benefits in this plan also include loss of limb, sight or hearing. Accidental death too is covered under this type of plan.

There are different providers that offer accidental health insurance and each come with their own benefits and terms of coverage. Some of them include coverage for travel, so if you are in a foreign country and are hurt from an accident, you will receive ambulance (ground and air) and medical coverage. Some use this coverage as a supplement to their traditional health insurance plan.

Travel insurance policies also offer similar benefits of the accidental health plan. This coverage is purchased specifically for injuries that may be encountered while away on a trip.

There are some state's arguing over who should be responsible for ambulance fees. Some say the counties should pay the expenses and others say the insurance companies should endure the costs. Some suggestions have been made that non-residents of a county should be responsible for their ambulance expenses.

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